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Jocelyne Bouchard

Illustrator and Urban Wildlife 

Born in Saguenay (Québec Canada) Jocelyne Bouchard has been working as an illustrator for more than twenty five years.
As an artist with multiple talents she draws and plays with the colors as a second nature.
From her roots , she kept the taste for nature and animals , all her inspiration came from there to communicate in her paintings the beauty of urban wildlife landscapes.

Graduated in Graphic Desing of Laval University (Québec) and in Visual Arts of Jonquiere’s CEGEP,she as worked as an illustrator since 1986 for many editors and advertising agencies in the province of Quebec, in Ontario and in United States .

                    She has produced many individual exhibitions:

                "One Eye on Cartier Street" (Quebec city) 1988

     " City's Scenes" (1990)  and "Illustrations Resume" (1998)

                         "Cafe les Entretiens" in Montreal.

In December 2003 , she observed an American Kestrel in a Montreal's lane .Since that moment , it became a source of inspiration  and she wanted to know more about this wonderfull urban wildlife.

                 See exhibition's history on the other website

                    "Urban Wildlife Painter"


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